About Us

Quantum Stud is now home to the great Friesian Studbook stallion, Fetse 349 Sport. Here we strive to breed quality Friesians, Lusitanos and Sport horses for the purpose of competition and pleasure riding. The noble Friesian is gaining popularity as a dressage and show horse. Their powerful and elevated paces, combined with a superb temperament, makes then a pleasure to compete and own. The Lusitano, known as the Royal Horse of Europe, is a powerhouse built for collection and one of the world’s great sporting horse breeds. The working relationship they have forged with man over the centuries has selected for a horse with an exceptional attitude towards their work. These horses love to please and are fast learners. They are also rated among the rarest of all breeds with less than 350 fols being born per year.

Quantum Stud also, at times, will have various cross breeds to suite almost every rider. Our mares for these purposes include Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Shire crosses, Percheron crosses, Appaloosa Sport Horses and Lusitano-Warmblood (Lusitano Sport) crosses. These mares are producing exciting sporting prospects for various disciplines. We are also a fully equipped stallion station and breeding laboratory that can ship semen anywhere in Africa, and also certain other international destinations. We have also already exported horses to non-South African destinations.

Our Lusitano stallion, Angolano, is out of the famous Firme line. This is one of the most sort after lines for the modern sport Lusitano. This is the breeding line that gave rise to Novelheiro, John Whitaker’s champion show jumper and biggest earning stallion of all time. We have 8 purebred Lusitano mares. All our mares have been selected to produce offspring with the highest sporting ability. Many of these were selected while we attended the First International Dressage Forum for the Purebred Lusitano Horse. This was held at the Academie De Dressage in Arruda dos Vinhos, outside of Lisbon. All our horses are started, and trained, along Classical Riding principles – whether they are to compete in dressage, show jumping or carriage driving.

Quantum Stud is a fully equipped stallion station, with our own breeding lab on the premises. Semen can be collected and sent anywhere in South Africa.

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