Fetse 349 STB Sport

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Fetse 349 STB Sport Fetse 349 Sport is one of the all time best breeding stallions within the FPS Studbook. He has 4 approved sons, 7 model mare daughters and a Star average of 46%. He has been awarded the Sport predicate for carriage driving. There was a special tribute to him at the 2011 Stallion Show in Leeuwarden with 4 of his …

Capitao de Figueiras

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Capitao de Figueiras Capitao de Figueiras is an exceptional carriage and riding horse from the best Lusitano dressage lines in the world (Soberano). He is brave and moves with absolute grace.  His foals are proving to be very workable and are of top quality.  His chilled semen has good viability that is highly favourable for AI. He won the Southern Driving Cones Competition …


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Angolano (Finuras X Cartaz) Angolano (Finuras X Cartaz) is a Lusitano stallion from the Struchtmeier Stud in Namibia with an exquisite temperament. He is from the famous Nilo lineage and has bloodlines from both the Veiga and Andrade lines. He has a enormous over track in his walk that he has passed on to many of his offspring.  His foals are powerful with …

Klaes de Sceppere

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Klaes de Sceppere (Ulbert X Olof) Star, Sport Klaes de Sceppere is the son of the famous dressage stallion Ulbert, who currently stands at Iron Springs Farm in the USA. His mother is also in the USA and has also been given the Sport predicate. Klaes de Sceppere was the youngest ever Friesian stallion to achieve the Sport predicate (Phryso, …


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Delfim QS Delfim became the national novice champion in 2013 after only 6 months in harness. He was the winner of the 2014 and 2015 Southern Cones Competition and is a fantastic prospect for the future.  He is progressing in his dressage training and is very versatile, intelligent stallion.  He is registered with the APSL and was bred by Carlos Raposa in the Cape.

Bertus { Sold }

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Bertus van Kreterenhof Star * 7yo Friesian Star gelding imported from Holland (Loadewyk 431 out of Pike 318 X Oege 267 star mare). * 165 cm. Broken to harness and obtained 79% for driven IBOP. * Green under saddle. * Loads of hair and great movement. R100 000