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Quantum Stud breeds and produces distinctive Lusitano and Lusitano Sport horses from imported bloodlines for the purpose of competition and pleasure riding.  The Lusitano is notorious for their natural flair in the dressage arena but the breed has also competed successfully in other disciplines from show jumping to combined driving trials.  They are particularly suited to working equitation which is a rapidly growing equestrian discipline both on the international and local front.  The Lusitano’s versatility can be attributed to their athletic ability, ease of training and exceptional temperaments.  The Lusitano is an intelligent horse with comfortable paces that is quick to learn and loves to please.

We are equally as excited about the Lusitano Sport horses that have added qualities of other breeds but maintain the intelligence and workability of the Lusitano.  Our Lusitano Sport horses have a minimum of 50 percent Lusitano in their bloodlines and are most often crossed with Warmblood or Thoroughbred lines.  These horses are proving to be sensational competition horses with ample scope and ability.

We are associated with the APSL Studbook in Portugal and our purebred young stock are registered as foals.  From time to time we arrange for one of the APSL judges to visit South Africa for stallion and mare gradings after which our Lusitanos become registered in the APSL Adult studbook.  This is done in collaboration with the other Lusitano studs in southern Africa.